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's the pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. don't blame yourself, it's buy logical. let's check it out on weird science. researchers from princeton found that it's a widely-felt human response. participants in an experiment were more willing to shock people they felt envious of. >> so why is this part of our human nature? i would say if you're happy for the misfortune of others, there's probably something wrong with you. the first one is an extreme sense of justice. we like it when we see others get what bethink they deserve. the second is extreme loyalty. we cheer for those we like and we boo those we don't. think about sports fans. some of the most aggressive sports fans experience shodenfreuda. the third reason is extreme competitiveness. especially in the workplace. somebody didn't get the promotion, they didn't get the corner office they really wanted. it's really good for productivity, but it's really bad for morale. >> is the kompl tigs the best way to psych people up? or does it want to make us want other people go down? and when they do, it will probably put a little grin on y
generation ipad. now, i don't begrudge these companies for making a profit. but before you trade in, it is worth knowing what that profit is. if you'd sell it directly, you'd almost certainly make more money. trade-in programs make it super easy. but it's because they make a loot of money in return. it's up to you to decide how much your time is worth. just know that going with any professional trade-in program amgs has some financial trade off. my people will be celebrating thanksgivica. >> it's just three weeks away for the first time since 1888, hon can and thanksgiving fall on the same day. >> thank giving always falls in november. and hon can, the jewish festival of lights, usually lands in december. but not this year. than thanksgiveica is making national headlines. >> pret te soon, they'll think thanksgiving started when the yams lasted for eight nights. the unique holiday was featured on the coverf kwt the new yorker kwt. the spinning top will be part of macys thanksgiving day parade. you can find everything thanksgiving. >>> meanwhile, chompies deli has been preparing for w
it simple and stick to the bagsices. that's part of the whole excitement. secondly, don't get fancy with the sauces. >> don't get too fancy with the sauces. let the flavor of the meat come out. >> you see these males and you think they belong in a museum. >> we probably should leave them in the museum. >> and we'll make a good,tasty meal. >> yeah. >> lastly, finish with chocolate. >> if you really want to make her happy, get down there with the deserts and the chocolate. let them relax. they'll love you forever. serving up simple. let matt do it. >> it's anyone's guest as to who's cooking for the holiday pot list that you feel on your calendar. honestly, who knows where that food has been or even what it is. ariel wexler shows how to avoid the sight. >> there's nothing like a good old fashioned pot luck to start the season. just be sure that the food isn't as old as the tradition or it could spoil your celebration. >> do you know what was done to the food before it arrived? >> if anyone knows how you can protect yourself, it's environmental health exz perts. >> the same would apply
your a-game. >> don't act like you're not impressed. >> i felt compelled to tell you something. today, the museum will unvail an exhibit from the movie anchor man. >> i don't know how to put this, but i'm kind of a big deal. >> plu museums will fieture ron burgundy's ultra stylish suit. >> 620% of the time it works every time. >> fans can have their photo taken behind a news desk. if you can't go, catch him in the few dozen dodge durango commercials. >> and tim gun is back. this time, with a show about bass fishing. i'll just kidding. >> lots of familiar faces from project runway complete with garmin bags and lots of baggage. it starts next november. pop culture. >> very excited about where this can go. >> on the hot list. >> the candles burning on the birthday cakement he started tv, movies. he turns 41 today. >> let's look at the numbes. >> josh was 27 when he took on one of his first acting jobs. ♪ his first movie role was on win a date. he played danny mccoy on the hit show, las vegas. four years is also how long josh dated black eyed peas singing fergie before they got married.
plus account. even if you don't use google plus, you might have an acount. google pluses the plus sign pretty hard. you do have the option to disable shared endorsements. it probably won't begin for most folks until they see one of these ads. from reactions people see online, it just freaks people out. >> thank you, connor. you want to look 10 years younger? that's cra-cra. but we can make you sound 10 years younger. >> is fresh still fresh? >> we're knocking tenl years off of your vocabulary on the break down. >>. >> can you define swag? >> if my kids were here, they would. swag would be something hanging down, like a drapery. >> well, to me, swag means jewelry. >> do you have swag? >> do i? no. very little. >> swag is the type of style you have. the type of clothes you wear. >> justin bieber uses it and he calls it swaggie. >> i had it. i took ten-day course of antibuy o antibuyoltices and i felt fine ever since. >> how about cra-cra? >> it sounds like a type of food. >> a loot of you on craig's list are cra-cra. >> disco is straight up cra-cra. >> can you define yolo? >> oh, i've he
you some cats. this is why we don't have nice things. and there goes another one. the disappearing act. the cat is curious about these water balloons. he just wants to grab onto the orange balloon. what was there is gone. and another balloon lost. >> got a great business idea? all you need now is money from funders. and you want an energy bar that's not just candy in a different wrapper? we've got the healthiest ones coming up on if list. >> leer's the list of the most sold board games ever. number four, scrabble. number tree, backgammon. number two, checkers. and then when you get up -- can i play? no! you don't even get football. [ male announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios, you get it. america's fastest, most reliable internet. it's the ultimate for downloading, streaming, and chatting. you have that guy all over the football field. thanks, joe! if the running backs don't start picking up the blitz, the quarterback is going to have a long night. is that your sister? look, are you trying to take my job? maybe. [ male announcer ] this is your last chance to switch to a fio
, they can, but the reality is that most of them don't want to because they want to move into the new world of insurance under the affordable care act. it is not clear how much this will change. it may extend some policies and at the very latest unless there's an additional decision taken, some of those policies could go to the end of september 2015 but it is not likely so far as i can tell this will make a whole sale change. what the president was trying to resist gutting of obama care and this is a minimum fix that he's trying to offer. >> yes, as you mentioned, john, this is providing political cover for those senate democrats on the house that face reelection next year but the ta fact the white house acknowledges this could extend beyo beyond 2014 that sounds ominous for trying to fix this whole thing. >> it could, but i think that probably amounts to less than meets the eye, bill, and the reason is administration, they said that in their letter that was sent to state insurance commissioners earlier today. we've known that for most of the day, but what they are counting on is that the w
, they are effective. sales went up 25% in october over the same m last year. >> i don't know how to put this. but, i'm kind of a big deal. >> it's definitely a big deal. and some welcome good news for dodge. web traffic sales are up across the brand. and with another month and a half until the movie comes out, can you be sure you're going to be seeing lots of new ads. you stay classy, detroit. >> thank you, conor. today we honor our veterans and all they've given to america. from freedom to the eppi pen. >> yes, that's right. the top five things used by the military that can be found in daily life. >> every time you use your gps, thank the u.s. military. the device is to keep you from getting lost or asking for directions rely on the same satellite set up by the department of defense in the early '90s. former president bill clinton pushed for them to become available to the general public. this device known as the eppi pen can treat an alerj ek reaction with a quick shot of epinephrine. it was designed to protect soldiers from nerve goods and other chemical weapons. let's say there are plenty of thi
and rejected. to make matters worse, those with cleft lips and cleft palates often cat speak properly. they don't go to school, and they may never marry or have children. that's why it's so terribly heartbreaking when we have to turn children away. and we turn thousands away each year. many he traveled long hours or even days. their parents have made great sacrifices. and then we have to say, "sorry, not this time. not your child." simply because we don't have enough time and money to help them all. for most, we're their only chance. that's why we need your help. and i want to personally invite you to please join us today and change a child's life forever. >> they're ridiculed, rejected, sometimes even hidden away. every year, over 200,000 children around the world are born with cleft lip or cleft palate into families who cannot afford the surgery to repair it. you can provide a complete surgery for one waiting child right now by becoming an operation ile partner. it costs only $240. just $240 to transform a child's life. over 5000 of the world's top doctors and nurses are standing by to volunt
. a lot of cash on the sidelines. where will that cash go, probably the stock market, right, uri? >> i don't think so. if the lead point in your argument is this is a bubble and we should buy stocks, that's a fairly weak argument. i don't know the country vince is in, but the one i'm in is a vast majority of america doing very poorly. what we have is an economy giving the illusion of being okay but when you look at it it's not and 90% of americans are living below means and having less disposal income than they used to. this is a long-term very gray drag on the economy, and i don't see strength from, you know, the upper 10% and from the enterprise dragging up the bottom. so, i think this is a market that's ignoring a lot of warning signs out there and will react accordingly when people get a little more sober. >> vince, quickly -- >> i don't -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> warning signs are out there, i don't know what warning signs are out there but there is no statistical bout to call for a bubble in the stock market. it just not there. we're used to the previous ten years growing our rev
running higher. i don't think the equity market will come under pressure for significantly higher rates. >> reporter: in low rate environments, high yielding stocks out perform as investors are on the hunt for yield. health care and consumer staples, two sectors that offer the highest yield are up 80% since 2008 and while consumer staples and health care stocks are already up double digits this year, analysts say some of the stocks in these sectors are trading at an attractive evaluation. within pharm, fazer, altria and walmart but some say they are over valued and technology is the place to be. many offer an attractive dividend yield. they offer a yield above 2%. although dan greenhouse at btig says with the yield on the 10-year treasury notarizing, investors are more selective and looking for names that offer a yield higher than the yield on the ten-year note. according to wisdom tree, fewer than a third of stocks have a dividend yield above 2.7%, which is a yield on the ten-year treasury. big names, at and t, energy, and more. high growth sectors like tech, one theory experts agree o
. many don't do that. it could be put off by advert e advertising that makes up nearly all of twitter's earnings. facebook, yelp, linked in fighting for lucrative deals. it could be an up-mile climb for twitter. >> they need to make very significant changes to the features to be profitable and we don't know how the community around twitter will respond to that. >> old text bringing a fight and ibm sues over three patents. some risks are less straightforward, bad internet service could kick users off and could mean fewer mobile down houds and how twitter measures success could cause concern. in other words, are the timeline views the eyeballs from the early odds. former ceo of casualty says times have changed. >> the focus is more on individual companies that have really stood the test of time, are generating major revenues, have massive multi-hundred million user bases, and i think that changes things. >> reporter: wall street has high expectations. there are more orders than shares to go around. twitter may go above $2 billion and valued at more than 17 billion. analysts say
clearly and the first person really from the outside. i think it is time to go outside. i don't think the internal candidates are going to be selected, and i think the first thing they need to do is take a complete look at the enterprise, decide are they going to be an enterprise software, or are they going to be consumer and mobile? i would personally think they have to be a very broad did based company and get into the game. they missed out on so much of the game, so many opportunities, tyler, and i think they need somebody-- visionary and lead them where they need to go, otherwise with windows and office, that business could be at risk like ib m's business was 20 years ago. >> you say the next ceo should be a visionary. what do you think of alan of ford? is he the right man for the job? i'm sure you have your own list of candidates. who should be the ceo? >> i had the short list. cheryl san burg and john donahoe of ebay. i think alan is arguably the best ceo in the united states today. what he's done with ford is amazing. the job is not done. i hate to see him leave ford but he lea
at the record lows. >> what has changed in the last year is that i personally just don't trust money managers. >> reporter: the uncertainty doesn't change much when it comes from the view of the market professionals, the experts. on the one hand, you have the optimistic camp. corporate earnings continue to flow in and for the most part they have been better than expectations, economic data in the u.s. is also improving, and europe is slowly working its way out of recession, even the market for initial stock is heating up, that can be interpreted at bullish industries, mark newton is keeping a close eye on stocks, they have been under-performing lately and that may indicate that stocks could be due for a pullback. paul hickey is looking at the market sentiment, saying that one indicator to watch is the investment's intelligence survey, saying that 85% of the responses are bullish. the last time it got to that number was back in may, and the s&p dropped. the important thing to remember is that no one can predict the future. for nightly business report. >>> and as dominic just mentioned, as we s
list of the dos and don't. i'm sure you know food service workers get 10 to 20%. how about the barista or even the guy at the deli county. if they get to know you and your favorite, 50 to 75 cents a day is good. >> all right. so you are at the salon and maybe people worked on your hair. how much do you tip? >> that's a very good question. and unfortunately, i found the answer. >> i want to go to shampoo my hair or say, she will split it up. >> as for as tipping your stylist. no rule. just what you feel is appropriate for a job well done. >> i put a lot of tipping situations here about. >> what about closer relationship. like your baby-sittebaby-sitter. landscaper. especially with the holidays coming up. >> i think it is important you take care of your service friends that work with you throughout the year. >> maybe this time of yar you don't tip. instead get personal. consider a donation to your baby-sitt baby-sitter's fund. or get your landscaper's his favorite hunting license paid for. >> thanks, broi an. terry washington was the guest host on "saturday night live" over the weekend.
.s. sometimes children don't want their parents to go into nursing homes, she says, sometimes the elderly are reluctant. even so most businesses expect their investments to fully mature, along with china's graying population. for nightly business report, in beijing. >>> still ahead, bit coin, you probably heard the term, but how does this virtual currency work? and why is congress holding their first-ever hearing on the matter. >>> you may have heard about bit coin, that is a virtual currency that has been around for about four years but is just now starting to gain more interests from retailers and from investorers. because of that, congress wants to find out more about the digital payment system, whether it is secure and if it is good or bad for consumers. mary thompson was at a house meeting here today in washington and joins us now. mary, let's start with the back backs, what is built coin? >> if you're going to buy one, you pay cash for bit coin. you keep it in an on-line wallet and can use the bit coins you have to pay for services and goods at retailers that accept the bit coins. n
on the plane. >> tell me i'm wrong, phil, but is the dreamliner star-crossed? >> no, i don't think so. i know everybody hates teething problems, but that is what you see here, happening with all new pla plane. >> all right, let's head to the 777 x, which states are in the running? >> there are at least 15 different sites around the country, probably about seven to ten states in considering, tyler, and we'll probably hear some kind of answer from boeing, it says in the first quarter of next year, definitely the second half of next year. >>> and still ahead on the program, what does an on-line retailer, a toy store and airline have in common? the answer is hidden in the fine print coming up. >>> chrysler says it won't have its initial public stock offering until next year at the earliest. the general manager says that an ipo this year is not practical. the ceo of both automakers has been arguing with the united auto workers union over just what the company's real market value is. >>> and holiday shoppers looking for a value may want to check out the latest consumer reports magazine out with thi
cylinders? >> buy back bonanza, are buy back company as better investment than ones that don't? >> picture perfect? kodak is back. the next chapter started today and shares traded on the big board but this is not your father's kodak or the one you used to know. can it succeed? that and more on "nightly business report" for friday, november 1st. >>> good evening everyone. americans are buying cars, a lot of them in showrooms across the country were bustling in october. despite the government shutdown, october was another month of strong auto sales, proof that the manufacturer in new car sales and trucks are one of the engines powers the economic recovery. each of the big three scored double digit sales gains and much of that on pickup truck. general motors was in the fast lane. sales surged almost 16% at ford sales grew 14% and chrysler they were up 11%. phil la bow joins us from chicago with more on that. it was an amazing month. you know, the headline numbers look fantastic but when you look under the hood there are some numbers that weren't so good like chevy volt numbers, they dropped.
about $80. once you're tuckered out on turkey, it's pigskin time. but hey, don't get up to grab a beer. let it come to you with the rc cooler. yep, it's a remote controlled beverage cooler that holds ice and a six-pack. take that, r2 brew2. roll with one of these for around 60 bucks. thanksgiving day, the ticky way on the futurist. >>> from gobblers to gigabytes, we did a big autumn harvest on our computers and selected the day's most savory viral video. >> viralist. >> first up, get lucky. ♪ we're up all night to get lucky ♪ ♪ we're up all night to get lucky ♪ >> the a cappella pentatonix is back with their def punk remix. ♪ ♪ work it >> what's more hypnotizing, the singing or the video? next, flex that dance muscle. check out this russian bodybuilder rock the stage by showing off his muscles and pumped up dance moves. ♪ >> look at this one. this is like a swimsuit and talent competition all in one. >>> lastly, one motivated mouse. this little guy hit the jackpot with his cookie, but he can't seem to get it back up on the ledge. again and again and again he tries. moore
date. does it matter to you and how would this play out with markets and investors? >> i don't think it's a calendar date. the fed is tells us they want to taper. they don't want to continue to expand the balance sheet and want to do it based on their assessment there is sole jid growth and substantial improvement in the labor market. there was fears with the data and also with the concerns about washington, and also, something we've seen as the fed concerned that the market was linking tapering to rake's guidance. what we've had in the last number of weeks is better economic news, the fears around washington fading and the markets price the rate expectations, all of which puts them back on track for tapering if we get good numbers in terms of the labor market at the next one or two reports. >> but ben bernanke is constantly having to defend the fed for sending what is perceived to be mixed signals. one in the spring, setting a timetable and the argument and now talking perhaps about changing the benchmarks they will use to determine when. is this a fed trying to deal with changing mark
. the answer on that for equities will be to buy into the set back, not true in bonds. don't touch those because yeiels are going up. that would be one event that might cause instability in equities. another thing to watch for is the ten-year treasure rye yield. if the action in bonds turned into panic and you got a ten-year moving up to 4%, that would be enough to choke the housing market, and push the u.s. back towards recession. i don't think it will happen, but it's worth watching. and then lastly, you have to watch for any other kind of public policy error. in a way, the strength of the equity markets have been in spite of washington -- >> jim, i'm sorry, you have such good thinking on this. i'm afraid i have to interrupt this interesting conversation. you've given us a lot to think about. thanks so much. >> thank you susie, thanks, tyler. >>> well, earnings out after the bell from the computer giant hewlett packard, hp beat on both the top and bottom lines, expectations that is. earnings of a buck and a penny per share topping estimates by a penny on better than forecast revenues m
they be in terms of that cut back? >> well, i don't think we'll see tremendous amount of regressiveness. i think still, they will want to see consistent compelling evidence of the strength. just this time last month there was a considerable concern that the jobs report was too weak and so i think we'll want to see consistent evidence chl i think the december announcement is possible. i think much more likely could be in the first quarter, particularly january. for investors, actually, we continue to be of the mind that it's good news if we're talking about a federal reserve that is under taking the tapering program, because that means the under lying strength of the economy can actually weather -- >> absolutely. >> and is in need of less spin off. >> this is definitely good news. >> joe davis, chief economy most -- >> thank you. >>> more americans are letting fingers doing shopping. third quarter desktop based sales rose $7.5 billion, 16th consecutive quarter of increases. >>> it has been a rough week for the white house and it's embattled health care website. the promise is made to have all the
weekend, there is a 70% chance they will come back two or three times to buy. if they don't walk in on black friday, there is a 40% chance they will come back. the early bird specials on thursday and friday are the retail momentum changer to get the consumer in the store time and time again. >> talking about consumer spending and buying, what is the consumer mood? is your take on how much they are willing to open wallets? >> well, it's hard to say. i want to say three things. one is consumers will buy more gifts for more people but here is what is interesting. last year 35 to $50 was the number one gift range. today -- this year it's 25 to $35. they are buying more gifts but dropping lower and 20 to $25, it will be bigger. >> very quickly, hot product is going to be? >> computer. >> tablets? >> 16% -- >>i ipads -- >> it's 20%, tvs and -- one more point. the other question is how much will digital technology affect retailers because as you see, as people begin to click from the i -- you know, to the internet into their card, that's up 3,000 percent this year and as more retailers
affordable. >> reporter: erik johnson says most state and changes don't have the same comparison tools on plan costs leaving most people to guess. >> they are basically as accurate as throwing darts. >> reporter: that could be costly for mike and katy and the government taxpayers that will foot the bill. >> we've calculate if you actually do websites right and include the kinds of things that help people make better choices, every year you can save the government, that is us, $9.5 billion. >> that's a very big chunk of change. johnson says california has one of the best calculators of the new exchanges. in the meantime, news from the golden state. the board that covered california decided against president obama's insurance fix and will not let insurers fix cancelled plans. they are joining massachusetts, new york and this is where the enrollment is going well so they don't want to disrupt that. >> bertha coombs, appreciate it. >>> coming up, a look at baltimore's leaky infrastructure and the money being washed away with it as mission critical, fixing american cities continues. >>> goo
is not an option. >> sebelius was warned lawmakers don't want to wake up at the end of november and find out, as he put it, we're not there yet. >>> the first casualty of the officials behind the troubled plague health insurance website. the centers forç medicare and medicaid website announced that tony trinkle will leave this month and head to the private sector. >>> expenses caused a sharp drop in humans proch fits and lowering the 014 profit outlook because of lower than expected enromment from the exchanges but the weak outlook didn't weigh on the stock. it popped 2% to $95.87. >>> whole foods market says sales growth is slowing, same store sales rose 6% in the fourth quarter but that was the slowest pace of the year. the largest u.s. natural organic grocery chain is lowering sales forecast for fiscal 2014. the news caused an initial drop in the stock after the bell. whole foods finished higher to $64.47. >>> ralph lauren beating expectations and upped the full year forecast, the sales forecast an the expectation of a strong holiday season. the luxury retailer said business was strongest at t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 86 (some duplicates have been removed)